The two day a week masters weightlifting training approach,per se and such.

Recently I have personally experimented with training only two days a week and really like it. The training has a comparable outcome as to when I was training up to 5 days a week, my body feels much better too and It frees up lots of time for other things such as thinking about training and reading books and whatnot. Below is an outline of what the training approach is, who it will work for, and who it's not for.


1. Pick two days to train. 

ideally you should allow 72 hours in between the days, but it's not totally necessary. Just pick two days you will have time to train multiple times. Even a Saturday and Sunday would work. 

2.workout structure (sample)


workout 1: skill/Olympic/strength/mobility in between sets

workout 2: skill/Olympic/running or high tempo bodybuilding or body weight training for 20-30minutes.Mobility in between sets. Intra 👏



That is the entire program in very crude form. If you are attracted to the thought of only working out two days a week and would like more information on exercise selection/ and set and rep schemes per se then please feel free to contact me. I'm kidding about the per se and such what nots scattered about this. Please don't take them seriously.

Who this approach is not for. 

1. The two day a week lifestyle is not for anyone with under 5 years of serious training under their proverbial leather French braided belts. You need reps and volume and consistent 5-6 days a week in the gym to grow your strength and skill.

2. This approach is not for anyone under the age of 30. If you are under 30 years old then your recovery capabilities are going to be better and you will tolerate a 4-6 day a week program better and yoi need reps and volume and consistent 5-6 days a week in the gym to grow your strength and skill.

3. The two day a week approach is not optimal for those with weight loss goals. Usually people with exceeds weight to shed have or have been sedentary somewhere in their history. I recommend no days off or as close to no days off for those who are serious about loosing weight. 


Thank you for making it to the end. Please let me know if you like my stuff. If you don't, please don't let me know and such.