Snatch seminar with Caleb Ward

Caleb Ward will be coaching an all about the snatch seminar on Sunday, April 26th from 1-3pm. Come learn from the best about the lift that is faster than the rest...... Just came up with that one too.

 Here are some of Calebs accomplishments in the sport of weightlifting.

13 years of competitive experience

5 years of coaching experience

4 time Youth National Champion (2003,2005,2006,2007)

Junior National Champion (2009)

Coached by Glenn Pendlay for 10 years (2002-2012)

Trained at California Strength for 1 year (2009-2010) 

Held the Junior American Record Clean and Jerk at 203kg in the 105+ category

Best lifts in the 105+ category: 158kg Snatch and 203kg clean and jerk

Best lifts in the 105kg category: 156kg Snatch and 186kg clean and jerk 

Seminar schedule:

1-110pm    introductions

1-130pm  snatch lecture

130-150pm warm ups

150-3pm  snatch practical aplication

*Open Gym Barbell members are free

*Max 10 spots available to non members, $80 non member 

To reserve your spot please contact jeremy by email at