We deliver one week for free!

The month of march we will be offering one free week to companies that would like to try out our corporate fitness programs. We offer a variety of programs including Olympic weightlifting, strength training, boot camp, zumba, yoga, boxing, insanity, and any other class format desired. Learn more about our custom tailored programs below.

Open Gym Barbell Corporate Strength

our strengths:

  • Very lean and cost effective.No full time salaries that will take away from the programs quality or possibilities.
  • 10 plus years of corporate/military unit fitness experience with very demanding clients (FOX News, Bank of America, Fossil, Alliance Family of Companies, Honor Courage Commitment, Inc.,)
  • Custom tailored programs. 
  • The best instructors.We recognize and get the most talented fitness professionals.
  • Discounted fitness equipment through local partnerships

References available, If interested contact us at jcj0825@gmail.com