Crossfit Level 1 vs Exercise science degree

Exercise Science Degree and the Crossfit Level 1 Certification

Both of these programs were worthwhile. I have listed below the most valuable knowledge learned from each, as from my perspective. Short guy

Exercise science degree:

I received my BS in exercise science from East Carolina University. I did quite well with the work. The most valuable classes and knowledge I took away from it was:

1.     Anatomy Physiology: Knowing your A&P is useful, gives you credibility, and makes you look smart, except when someone drops the gastroc bomb.

2.     Motor Learning: Great stuff coaches should know. Interesting information that could affect the way you train athletes.

3.     Biometrics: Useful for all fitness professionals

4.     Athletic training: By far the most practical course I was able to take. Wrapping ankles, arches, and different therapy modalities.

The rest was kind of fluff. The remainder of the knowledge could be learned better with a you tube subscription, a gym membership, and passion.

Crossfit Level 1:

I received my Crossfit level 1 in 2010. I was first exposed to Crossfit while living in Harlem, NY. I kept hearing about this new way of training and decided I would go and destroy everyone. That didn’t happen and I really liked it, especially the barbell lifts.

1.     Very professional instructors who practice what they preach. They put on a great show and gave me a warm and fuzzy feeling about crossfit.

2.     The nutrition portion was very informative and I learned a more practical approach to nutrition in 40minutes than I did with my degree.

3.     Barbell portion was good, but I was extremely new to the lifts.

I don’t remember anything else, so there you go. I did learn more in crossfit gyms than I did at the cert. There are a ton of great coaches out there fixing the misguided.