Guest coaching in February

The month of February we will have two new coaches! Coach information and dates are below.

 Brent Kim is coachingThursday, February 5th and Thursday February 26th 530pm-8pm  

 Troy Scoggins is coaching Tuesday February 10th and Saturday February 21st  530pm-8pm

Brent Kim-Brent has competed actively in weightlifting since 2005 and powerlifting between 2009 and 2012. He has qualified for the 2012 and 2014 USAW American Open and a 2011 USAPL state record holder in the squat. Brent has had experience in instructing beginners and intermediate lifters in the competition lifts.

Troy Scoggins- Over 30 years of training experience. AAU Class 3 Power Lifter, USATF All-American Sprinter (Masters). Coached T&F, and Speed and Strength Camps. Coached Jr.High, High School, College and Aduts.

USATF Level 1 Sprint Coach, USA Weight Lifting Sport Performace Coach, Cooper Elite Personal Trainer, Cooper Elite Health Behavior Coach.

*The price will be free for members and $20 for non members 

For more information please contact Jeremy at 2523671132