Gluttony, Laziness, and Pride for gains



Excess in eating or drinking.


be especially proud of a particular quality or skill.


the quality of being unwilling to work or use energy; idleness

Weird title huh? Let me explain. Gluttony and pride in the gym and in your training are great qualities to have.ย 


Gluttony is only good for those who's goal it is to gain muscle mass and strength. If you eat like a horse and don't back it up with the correct training then you will just gain fat.

The best training advice For young beginning lifters is to eat everything you see and train like a madman

If you eat a clean diet then you are at a disadvantage. You will have to eat much more clean food to reach the daily calorie total of a lifter who eats only 70-80% clean.Being Gluttonous with healthy foods does have its advantages of less body fat gained with the added muscle mass and your blood lipid profiles will thank you later in life.


lifting is a skill that takes a lot of time to do correctly an a lifetime to perfect. If you are not proud of your current max lifts or technique then you should spend more time on it and be proud of your results.Dang

3. Laziness

You have a limited amount of energy. If you are dedicated to getting stronger you  should be unwilling to use that energy for anything other than efficient training and recovery.That may not be realistic for many, but you can make it a higher priority in your life.

Not many things will improve your training more than getting more sleep.ย  If you are serious about your lifting then sleeping is one of the most productive things you can do on your down time.

Sleep is when the body rebuilds itself and processes information. Why wouldn't you try to add more sleep in your day? It helps you grow and it just feels good.ย 

I'm done