What I think I have learned in 16 years.

1. You can handle way more volume than you think, especially beginners.

In the beginning you can pretty much workout as much as you like. During this time the weight will be light enough that it will not affect you like someone who has trained for a while and is lifting heavier loads. This is great for beginning lifters because it gives them the opportunity to practice the lifts and hopefully more reps will lead to a better understanding and form that will allow for further loading.


2.Keep programming simple

Program for what your goal is.  lift in the rep range that will benefit your goal. Then all you have to do is put your exercise selection in the correct order and boom, you have become a programming guru. You should probably get a tattoo of the equation for power on your forearm just so everyone knows you're the real deal

  1.  Goal                           rep range                                                              
  2. Power                             1 - 3                                                                                
  3. Strength                         3 - 6
  4. Hypertrophy                  6 - 12
  5. Muscle endurance         12 - 15

Exercise Order:

It all flows down hill. There is never a good reason why any workout should not go in this order.                        

                                                  exercise selection   

  1. 1. Power                          snatch/clean and jerk
  2. 2. Strength                    squat/bench/deadlift/overhead press/bent row
  3. 3.Endurance                  Interval training/running/ barbell  


3. Optimal Frequency

From my personal experience I have observed that working out 4 days a week is best power and strength programming and 5-6 days a week is better for hypertrophy/endurance goals.

If you are trying to loose weight I recommend 6 days a week or as much as possible.


4.Deadlift is KING

When the deadlift goes up all of your lifts go up. I once believed due to accepted training knowledge that if I deadlifted more than once a week that I would die of overtraining.This in my experience is just not true. I currently deadlift heavy 3-4 times a week, sometimes two times a day. My back has never felt better and my lifts are going up. 


5.Try it

The only way youre going to know what works is to try it. I have found that pretty much any strength program/rep range will work for a while, its really just which one does it most efficiently. If it works but tears up your body in the process then their is probably a smarter way to get the same results.

6.Be consistent

Consistency is the key to everything from riding a unicycle to being successful in the gym.

7.Expect bad days

You're not going to feel like Rambo everytime you step foot in the gym. Motivation is not a requirement to being consistent.


8.Treat accessory work like acessory work

If you have enough energy to do 50 sets of good mornings after squat day then you didn't squat heavy enough.


9.Cardio should be efficient

By efficient I mean it should get the job done quickly and should also be easy to recover from. Prowler pushes and sled drags will get the job done quickly and wont tear your body down. 



If you feel like training you are not over trained


11. Olympic lifts

I wouldn't even mess with them unless you like them and want to to them. I say this because it take a lot of time to learn the fast lifts and they can be dangerous. There are other ways to train explosiveness without them.



If you do not dread working out just a little then you are not going hard or heavy enough.


13. You tube

You can learn more for free on youtube about lifting than you could at any expensive certification