Monday Mar,11

Solid work on a cold Monday.

Corps Fitness Individual:

100m sled pull followed by:


overhead tire press/inverted row

post name and time to comments.

Combat Controllers:

-Warm up

- Deadlift 4x4   Warm up to a heavy single 90-95% and then drop the weight down and complete 4 sets of 4 repetitions. Reset hips before each rep.

-Bench press 6x2 work up to a heavy double. Last set complete at least 2 but go to failure, all subsequent sets are heavy warm ups.

- Staggered set Close grip overhead press/Pull ups     2x3-6 on close grip press and one short of failure on the first set of pull ups, failure on the second set.

Supplemental work: good mornings/face pulls

GPP: 6 minutes of handstand push up Cindy

As many rounds as possible in 6 minutes of:

5 pullups

10 handstand push ups/ Regress to pushups when rest time gets over 30 seconds

15 squats